What Money Can’t Buy

In this episode, Teague and I discuss Michael Sandel’s book “What Money Can’t Buy.” We speak at length about the mind-boggling number of things that we can buy, that are subject to market values. We have the intuition that the intrinsic value of some goods are corrupted by market values which regard them as commodities…


In this episode Teague and I discuss scientism with our guest Tadas Vinokur. We take on various topics including new atheism, pop science, the scientific gaze, mathematics, and the interplay of scientific knowledge and culture. Audio Video


In this episode, Teague and I discuss the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. We cover a ton of issues: from morality and epistemology to language, consciousness, and shyness. Hopefully, we clarified many common misrepresentations and helped discover the depth and greatness of his philosophy. Audio: VoI_Nietzsche Video: Nietzsche


In this episode of the Veil of Ignorance, Teague and I discuss Marxism with Cale Holmes and Kevin Salvatore. I believe this topic honestly requires more episodes, since it’s impossible to cover everything in one episode. Nonetheless, we tried and it was most definitely a lot of fun. Audio: VoI_Marxism Video: Marxism