North Korea

In this episode, Samim joins us again to analyze and criticize the discourse surrounding North Korea. Audio Video Advertisements

Free Trade

In our ongoing struggle to uncover the stem from which all subsequent evil flows (capitalism), we converse with returning guest and economics specialist Harris Pham to discuss the secret life of free trade. Inspired by Ha-joon Chang’s “The Bad Samaritans,” we discuss the importance of protectionism, the fate of virtue in the marketplace, the nature…


In this episode of the Veil of Ignorance, Teague and I discuss Marxism with Cale Holmes and Kevin Salvatore. I believe this topic honestly requires more episodes, since it’s impossible to cover everything in one episode. Nonetheless, we tried and it was most definitely a lot of fun. Audio: VoI_Marxism Video: Marxism  

Colonialism and Imperialism

In this video, we discuss the theoretical, economic, political, cultural, and psychological aspects of colonialism and imperialism. We thank our guests are Samim Yaquby and Harris Pham for joining us on this discussion. If you enjoyed this, please hit subscribe! Audio: VoI_Colonialism and Imperialism  Video: Colonialism and Imperialism