Body Image

In this video, we discuss Body Image with Trinere Rodriguez! Very personal discussions on the political and cultural aspects of Body Image. Video

After Virtue

In this episode, we discuss the book After Virtue which contributed to the rise of Virtue Ethics. The book is largely a diagnosis of a moral crisis that stems from modernity’s abandonment of teleology, which renders any moral disagreement incommensurable; in other words, if there is no shared conception of the good (teleology), then different…

What Money Can’t Buy

In this episode, Teague and I discuss Michael Sandel’s book “What Money Can’t Buy.” We speak at length about the mind-boggling number of things that we can buy, that are subject to market values. We have the intuition that the intrinsic value of some goods are corrupted by market values which regard them as commodities…

North Korea

In this episode, Samim joins us again to analyze and criticize the discourse surrounding North Korea. Audio Video