In this episode Teague and I discuss scientism with our guest Tadas Vinokur. We take on various topics including new atheism, pop science, the scientific gaze, mathematics, and the interplay of scientific knowledge and culture. Audio Video Advertisements

Free Trade

In our ongoing struggle to uncover the stem from which all subsequent evil flows (capitalism), we converse with returning guest and economics specialist Harris Pham to discuss the secret life of free trade. Inspired by Ha-joon Chang’s “The Bad Samaritans,” we discuss the importance of protectionism, the fate of virtue in the marketplace, the nature…


In this episode, Teague and I discuss Sports with our friend Neil Wilson. We analyze the cultural, philosophical, and sociological aspects of Sports that I believe no one really talks about with any depth. Most people talk within sports — the 76ers beat the Celtics— rather than about Sports. Video Audio